Michele Orlick

Executive Vice President
Senior Vice President

An accomplished executive in sales and negotiations, combining market research and client relations expertise with a consultative approach to drive portfolio growth through innovative strategies. Known for leveraging data for actionable recommendations, securing multi-million-dollar deals, and effectively managing business transitions during acquisitions.

Adept at catalyzing growth and innovation through data-driven insights and consultative acumen, focused on forging strategic partnerships and optimizing advertising effectiveness across platforms. Agile in navigating complex transitions, holding an impressive track record of achievements, and dedicated to driving client success in a rapidly evolving landscape.

A collaborative, highly inspirational executive who adds value by:


  • Cultivating strategic relationships to secure multi-million-dollar deals, including pivotal agreements for the Olympics, the World Cup Soccer Tournament, Big 10 College Football, Latin Grammys, and other large entertainment events, generating millions of dollars in new revenue.
  • Harnessing market research and data analytics expertise to craft and optimize advertising strategies across media platforms and managing portfolios to achieve revenue targets of $64M.
  • Leading teams through complex business transitions with agility, managing the business, and securing major client renewals, including NBCUniversal, The Walt Disney Company, Paramount Global, Fox Broadcasting Company, and TelevisaUnivision.


Mar 2022 | Apr 2023

Senior Vice President

Managed sales and research for premium television, on-demand, and streaming services, resulting in revenue growth while managing a budget of $16M. Collaborated with analytical experts to harness consumer perceptions and predict outcomes, driving brand management, advertising effectiveness, and sales attribution. Evaluated factors, including placement, media weight, and creative strategy, to identify improvement areas and execute strategic solutions.

Feb 2019 | Mar 2022

Senior Vice President | Managing Director

A seasoned executive known for driving revenue growth, securing major agreements, and delivering impactful research insights while managing an initial $12M budget that grew to $15M. Led a major client portfolio, drove revenue growth through strategic advertising initiatives, spearheaded annual custom research projects, and consulted on key advertising projects with ad sales and research leaders. Optimized ad strategies and achieved all business objectives.

Jun 2013 | Feb 2019

Senior Vice President, Solutions, and Innovation

Managed client portfolio, drove talent analytics, led strategic planning, developed leaders, and fostered solution innovation. Demonstrated strong stakeholder management skills to ensure successful outcomes and management of $10M budget.

Jan 2010 | Jun 2013

Senior Vice President, Business Lead

Promoted to manage one of the top 10 media verticals. An influential leader overseeing major accounts, achieving revenue targets, and fostering strong client relationships. Recognized for exceptional client service, revenue growth, and strategic account management.


In 2019 at Phoenix Marketing International, two major clients were missing from the client roster, due to them dropping the service for financial reasons. Secured both clients back and brought in $1.6M in incremental revenue within the first 12 months.

Promoted to Senior Vice President National Director of Client Services managing ~30+ individuals. Responsible for managing a portfolio of national broadcast and cable networks, premium networks, advertising agencies, studios, producers and distribution companies with a $64M revenue budget.

Identified two white space opportunities. Discovered a key differentiator by linking fans of talent to Nielsen’s consumer behavior. The product was called Nscore and grossed over $1M in incremental revenue during its first year in market.


  • Negotiation
  • Strategic Partnerships & Alliances
  • Advertising Effectiveness & Optimization
  • Portfolio Growth
  • Revenue Generation
  • Market Research
  • Consumer Insights
  • Brand Management
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Team Leadership & Development
  • Business Transitions & Acquisitions
  • Contract Management
  • Custom Research Initiatives
  • Cross-Media Marketing Strategies
  • Content Monetization and Distribution
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Retention
  • Performance Metrics
  • KPIs
  • Change Management
  • Digital Footprint Expansion
  • Competitive Market Analysis
  • Corporate Communications


Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree

Meet Michele


Allen R. DeCotiis, Ph.D. (Former CEO of Phoenix Marketing International)

“Michele Orlick joined my team at Phoenix Marketing International shortly after we acquired Brand Effect from Nielsen. She was not only instrumental in the success of the transition of this acquisition but became an integral member of the management team leading the media sector of our business.

Michele’s energy, knowledge of research and media, and strong management skills contributed a great deal to our success. Also, she was not only a pleasure to work with, but commanded complete respect and admiration of the team she managed.

I am confident Michele will be successful in anything she chooses to do and would be an extremely positive influence to any corporate culture.”

Charles Dreas, MVP, Strategy and Operations, Gartner, Inc.

“I worked closely with Michele Orlick at Nielsen for over 10 years. Michele has incredibly high sales acumen with an innate ability to develop deep and meaningful relationships with clients. However, what truly sets Michele apart is her ability to take what she is learning from clients and apply it directly to product innovation. At Nielsen I relied on Michele to lead the development and go to market efforts for several of our most innovative, analytic products.

I would enthusiastically recommend Michele. She is a proven sales leader who operates at the intersection of client needs and market trends.”

Michelle Zweig, Vice President, Analytics at Epsilon

“I worked with Michele for six years on our Media Analytics team at Nielsen. When I first started with Nielsen Media Analytics, Michele was the team leader and in that role, she was a spirited, disciplined and inspiring leader. She had strong and long lasting relationships with the client and had the ability to recruit and maintain loyal and productive team members and contributors. Michele was the one who hired me onto the team and embraced me and my contributions, providing me many opportunities for growth. Shortly thereafter, I was promoted to be a peer of Michele‘s, where we worked side-by-side, supporting Nielsen‘s television network clients – a large and extremely important business for Nielsen. During the time where we were partners in leading this business and working collaboratively, we were successful in driving client revenue as we were able to leverage each other’s strengths. Michele’s strengths are client relationships, astute negotiation skills, generating revenue growth, developing and driving creative ideas to fruition, people management, and general energy with a strong work ethic. Michele is the true definition of collaboration and hard work, with a passion for driving success and motivating others to perform in the same way.”

Dayna Burke Tripodi, Director of Strategic Sales at Konica Minolta

“I worked with Michele for almost twenty years, in various capacities within Nielsen. Michele took a chance on me and hired me as an inexperienced sales rep for her Syndication sales team. From day one she played an integral role in helping me hone my skills in the world of media. She positively influenced my career trajectory and helped me build the confidence to conquer any challenge.

Under her supervision, I completed some of my best work and was able to gain valuable professional experience. Her dedication to her craft is nothing short of inspiring, and her ability to coach others is something that I admire. Michele did more than just coach me. She supported me every step of the way and never hesitated to lend a helping hand. She always had the compassion to consider my life and needs, helping me reach appropriate conclusions on my own terms. She always supported me and shared her experience in this field.

I am a much better leader thanks to Michele’s guidance, and anyone would be lucky to work beside her.”


Can you share an experience where your work environment underwent a significant change? How did you handle the situation?

Nielsen merged its national clients into one business unit. Before this change, I managed the Studio, Producer, and Distribution companies’ businesses. However, I was chosen as one of the three leaders who were each given a portfolio of Broadcast, Cable, Advertising agencies, and Studio companies. The other two leaders and I had to carefully assess the companies we were assigned to lead and determine who would be best suited to manage and support each one. Initially, it appeared to be a daunting challenge, but as we shared our ideas and considered the skill sets of our 90+ associates, and it became easier to handle.

Can you share an example of a project where you had to take initiative and advocate for your ideas?

I had proposed a business plan for Programming and Talent Analytics, which got approved. My team consisted of two additional staff members, and I was responsible for making it successful. I was particularly interested in the Talent aspect of the project, as Nielsen had the potential to make it a significant differentiating factor. Initially, I explored purchasing talent data from two competing companies. However, after conducting a valuation, I realized they were not as profitable or intuitive as I had assumed. I knew Nielsen could create something better and more informative for the untapped client sector. As a result, I requested two additional IT resources to develop Nscore. Within ten months of the valuation process, Nscore was launched successfully.

Have you ever been in a situation at work where a decision made by management hurt your colleagues? If so, how did you assist your team in dealing with it?

When the Solutions and Innovation team was being disbanded due to Nielsen’s sale of the “buy” side of the business, my team had grown significantly over a period of six years, and most of us did not want to return to client service or product leadership positions. Those who decided to remain did not require my assistance, but I aided those who wanted to move on by providing them with letters of recommendation and utilizing my connections to assist them in securing new job opportunities.

Have you ever taken a big risk at work? What inspired you to take it and how did it turn out?

Leaving my long-time career at Nielsen. Despite being a well-liked and known figure among the senior leaders there, I felt the need for a new adventure. I joined PMI as the head of their Media Vertical for three years. It was a smaller company with approximately 400 employees compared to Nielsen’s global workforce of 40,000. I embraced the change that came along with a smaller company, more autonomy, and appreciated the diversity from my prior experiences.

When faced with important decisions, could you explain your decision-making process?

Typically, I consider both potential outcomes and strive to find a compromise. I make a point never to negotiate against myself during discussions. Instead, I present my offer and await a counterproposal (if needed) before responding.

Can you share a time when you took proactive action?

One example I can think of is when I stepped out of my comfort zone as a leader in the Nielsen Time Warner Vertical and reached out to the head of the Media Analytics department, even though it was a relatively new division and mainly focused on supporting other businesses with custom research. I presented my ideas for identifying white space opportunities and was given two weeks to develop a business plan. The head of the department was impressed and shared my plan with the rest of the leadership team. As a result, a position was created for me on the Media Analytics leadership team, and I was hired to create a new revenue stream for Nielsen.

Give an example of something you did that helped build enthusiasm in your staff.

I made funny videos! For all of the major internal sales meetings, each team would need to pick one sales story that was inspirational or a game changer in some way. I wrote the scripts, cast the parts, selected the music, and had my colleague film and help me with all the technical editing.

It came to the point that people would often ask whats this year’s video was about.

They were mostly spoofs of on-air programming such as Sales in the City, Marketing Michele (think Judge Judy), and Mission Impossible. Each team member would have a role/scene in the video, and I had the most fun making those videos and watching the audience laugh. We did not always win, but we did entertain!

Can you share when you predicted future trends and took action to prepare for them? Was your prediction accurate?

In my first leadership role, I noticed that our studio business was experiencing a decline in profit margins due to volume discounts. It didn’t make sense to charge clients less for the same service just because they had a higher volume of programs. I discussed this with my senior manager and legal team, and we decided to cancel all current contracts and offer renewals at a standard rate per program. It was a difficult decision, but it helped us to stop the financial losses.

How have you gone about making important decisions?

Prioritizing long-term implications, I led the Brand Effect negotiations when MarketCast acquired PMI, with five critical media contracts up for renewal in 2022. Tasked by management to propose higher than client expected increases for these contracts, I advocated for multi-year agreements aligning annual growth with expected product upgrades rather than immediate financial gain. This strategy ensured our clients could justify higher than usual year-over-year increases and secured extended commitments, thus fostering enduring relationships.

What have you done to be effective with your organization and planning?

As a leader, I always informed my associates of the organization’s expectations and my own. I did not set up 1:1 meeting with my associates. I asked them to find time on my calendar at any cadence they felt necessary. Each individual operates differently. However, I also held and/or attended Town Hall meetings, and pre-Covid, I would convey that they needed to be present to hear what is occurring within the company and what is being required from the top down. Being present and available was always important to me as a leader.

Can you describe a time when you had to give a presentation without preparation? What did you do?

At PMI during Covid, I received a call from the CEO saying that the VC firm that was providing the funding wanted to understand the media business a little better and asked me to jump on a Zoom call at that very moment. I quickly pulled up my pipeline on my second screen and answered their questions to the best of my ability.

Can you tell me about the achievement of a successful sale you’ve had?
How did you make it happen?

My greatest accomplishment was returning all the clients who had left Brand Effect during Nielsen’s ownership when I started working with PMI. While these clients recognized the product’s value, some had sacrificed their business for a price. At PMI, I never undervalued the importance of data and worked closely with clients, only charging them for the needed services. One client commented, “It’s great to have you here, Michele. It’s a relief not to feel pressured.”

Can you describe the process you use to set personal goals?

Except for my last role that was to assist in a transition, I would always be thinking about what I could do to make it better, and then what’s next for me?

Describe a time when you worked collaboratively with someone from another background.

As a mother of high-functioning, neuro-divergent sons, I passionately campaigned for Autism Awareness at Nielsen, leveraging my involvement with the Employee Resource Group, ADEPT (Abled and Disabled Employees Partnering Together) Through carefully curated events, I shared my sons’ triumphant journey and introduced educators and industry professionals who enlightened us about the untapped potential within neuro-diverse individuals. Our discussions ignited the dreams of acceptance and inclusivity.

These initiatives caught the attention of senior leaders, catalyzing the recruitment of neuro-diverse employees. By the summer of 2016, we proudly welcomed our first employee with ASD. Garnering recognition, I was honored with the position of Executive Sponsor of ADEPT to champion diversity and inclusion within our workplace further.